The chilli challenge story

The famous chilli challenge. An adults only event!
Inspired by taste, adrenaline, euphoria and absolute craziness!
Some like it hot - but at over 500 times hotter than tabasco sauce, is the naga viper AKA the ghost chilli fit for human consumption? Sign away your tastebuds and dare to find out!
BUT before we allow your crazy self to complete this volcanic challenge, there are important rules that apply. Firstly, we hold no responsibility for your ability to take part in the challenge and it is your full responsibility and stupidity for putting yourself forward for defeat. Throughout the challenge no liquids or other food are to be consumed, it’s nothing but you, yourself and our red hot plate of fire! … So sign the waiver and lets get down to business!
You’ll realise the severity of the challenge the moment the words ‘ I’ll have the chilli challenge please” leave your mouth. The waiter's eyes will widen, he'll rest a consoling hand  upon your shoulder, and simply say: ‘ all the best my friend, all the best.’ and that is when you know... This is serious!
The tears will stream, your hands will shiver and the sweat will pour. By this point you realise what you have done. Your plan for a good night out becomes your worst nightmare, you will be wishing you could turn back the slowly ticking clock and order a mild chicken burrito. But instead you are experiencing the effects of the Naga chilli and what it is like to be on fire and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. Unless it becomes too much, too hot to handle, and you surrender! Complete the challenge and your photo takes its place on our wall of flame here on our website. Lose the challenge and you question your ability to choose a good night out forever more.
Think you have what it takes? Then sign your name, because we’d like to see you sweat!

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