Dinner Menu


Nacho's £4.95

Spiced dusted corn tortilla chips covered in melted cheese with jalepeno's, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Plunge and crunch.

Add a topping for £1.95;

Barbecue shredded pork

Smoked chipotle chicken

Chilli con carne

Refried Beans (v)


Calamares Sazonados - £5.95

Calamari dusted with seasoned flour and gently fried.

Served with a chipotle mayonnaise.


Albondigas - £5.95

Minted lamb meatballs with apple served in a rich tomato, mint and mild red chilli sauce. Finished with parmesan shavings.


Chiles De Queso Crema - £5.90 (v)

Deep fried bread crumbed green chillies stuffed with cream cheese and served with a sweet red pepper sauce.


Gambas Pil Pil - £6.50

Prawns served in sizzling chilli and garlic olive oil. Garnished with parsley and lemon with fresh crusty bread.


Potatas Bravas - £5.50 (v)

Crispy skin on potatoes covered with a mix of spicy tomato sauce and creamy aioli.


Pescaito Frito - £6.25

Lightly dusted whitebait, fried and served with lemon mayonnaise. 


Alas De Pollo Crujientes - £5.95 

Fried crispy chicken wings served with a dip of your choice;



Sweet Red Pepper Sauce 

Chipotle Mayonnaise 



Taco Tray - £14.90

Mini tortillas with mexican chilli cheese,pink pickled onion, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. With your choice of any three of the following;

Mexican smoked chipotle tinga chicken

Shredded pork carnitas

Seasoned minced beef

Lemon, garlic and coriander prawns

Chilli beef

Roast butternut squash with coconut (v)

Refried beans



Our Famous Fajitas 

Delivered on a smoking hot platter on a bed of sliced peppers and onions with floured tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Stuff them with;

Chicken Breast strips  £14.95

Chilli Steak strips  £15.95

Kings Prawns  £15.95

Halloumi & Mushroom  £12.25


Burrito - £11.75

An oven baked flour tortilla filled with peppers, onions and cheese. Topped with a Mexican sauce served with salad and Mexican rice. Choose from the following;

Chipotle chicken

Chilli beef

Vegetable chilli (v)


Enchilada - £12.45

Three soft rolled tortillas filled with onions & peppers, cooked in a sweet tomato sauce, topped with Mexican cheese and oven baked, served with Mexican rice and salad. Choice of filling;

Chipotle chicken              

 Sautéed courgette & aubergine 



Ropa Vieja - £14.50 - Cuba

A popular and beloved dish of Cuba. Shredded beef, slow cooked in a rich tomato sauce with peppers, herbs and accented with olives and capers. Served with herb rice and sour cream. 


Pierna De Cordero Cubano - £14.95 Cuba

Deliciously tender lamb shank slowly simmered in a rich tomato based stock. Served with herb rice and corn on the cob.


Feijoada De Puerco - £14.50 Brazil

The proud national dish of Brazil. A deep dark delicicious stew consisting of chorizo sausage, garlic sausage, ham stock, pork shoulder, red pepper and black bean in red wine. With spring onion, garlic and coriander, orange wedges and coconut crumb.


Pascado Al Estilo De Veracruz - £15.50 Mexico 

Soft white fish, steamed gently with king prawns in a garlic butter with lime juice, generously covered in a spicy jalapeño, olive & caper tomato sauce. Served with herb rice and grilled lime. 


Chilli con carne - £12.95 Texan

Vegetable chilli (v) - £11.75

Texan not Chillean as sometimes thought. Served with Mexican rice, sour cream and dusted tortilla chips.



Costels De Porco Assada - £15.65 Brazil

A barbecued rack of tender ribs marinated in a rich traditional sauce from the Minas Greais state of Brazil. Served with onion rings and seasoned fries.


Argentine Filete De Costilla On A Stone - £22.95

All the way from the open pastures of Pampa Humeda, this 10oz Argentine ribeye steak is renowned for being incredibly tender and flavoursome. It will be brought to you on a sizzling lava rock, to cook to your personal perfection. With 3 pots of seasoning, chilli flake sea salt, chimichuri & garlic butter to season to your taste. Served with steak fries.

Burger - £10.95

Toasted brioche bun, juicy beef burger, lettuce and tomato. Served with salsa and steak fries.

Add a topping

Mexican cheese  £1.00

Jalepenos  £0.75



Tomato, cucumber, mint and spicy leaf salad finished with an avocado salsa. - £10.95

Choose from either;

Halloumi (v)

Smoked chipotle chicken

Lemon, garlic and coriander prawns


Tortilla chips - £1.95

Floured tortillas - £1.95

Onion rings - £2.75

Your choice of rice - £2.75

Jalapenos - £1.95

Fries - £3.25

Spicy leaf salad - £3.25

Guacamole - £1.50

Potatas Bravas - £3.75




The famous chilli challenge. An adults only event! Inspired by taste, adrenaline, euphoria and absolute craziness!

Some like it hot - but at over 3000 times hotter than tabasco sauce, is the naga viper AKA the ghost chilli t for human consumption? Sign away your tastebuds and dare to nd out!

BUT before we allow your crazy self to complete this volcanic challenge, there are important rules that apply. Firstly, we hold no responsibility for your ability to take part in the challenge and it is your full responsibility and stupidity for putting yourself forward for defeat. Throughout the challenge no liquids or other food are to be consumed, it’s nothing but you, yourself and our red hot plate of re! ... So sign the waiver and lets get down to business!

You’ll realise the severity of the challenge the moment the words ‘ I’ll have the chilli challenge please” leave your mouth. The waiter’s eyes will widen, he’ll rest a consoling hand upon your shoulder, and simply say: ‘ all the best my friend, all the best.’ and that is when you know... This is serious!

The tears will stream, your hands will shiver and the sweat will pour. By this point you realise what you have done.
Your plan for a good night out becomes your worst nightmare, you will be wishing you could turn back the slowly ticking clock and order a mild chicken burrito. But instead you are experiencing the effects of the Naga chilli and what it is like to be on re and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. Unless it becomes too much, too hot to handle, and you surrender! Complete the challenge and your photo takes its place on our wall of ame. Lose the challenge and you question your ability to choose a good night out forever more.

Think you have what it takes? Then sign your name, because we’d like to see you sweat

WARNING - Bar Amigo accept no responsibilty for this challenge and you will need to sign a waiver before participating.



At Bar Amigo, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest of foods. Most of our foods can be made to suit dietary requirements. Please let us know when you book any requirements/allergens you may have. 

 Our suppliers and busy kitchen handle numerous food and drinks that contain allergens. Whilst we make every effort to ensure your food is suitable for you, unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee that our food is 100% free from allergen containing ingredients 


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